I did something weird last night. I texted my special someone (let’s call that person as ABC),  but I didn’t have anything to say. I just wanted to text that person.

“ABC, ganggu nggak gw?”
“Hah? Maksudnya apa?”
“Ya nggak, kalo gw SMS lo sekarang, ganggu nggak? Kan elo katanya mau ngerjain tugas..”
Courtesy of madman1337.deviantart.com

Courtesy of madman1337.deviantart.com

Then, ABC did not reply. LOL


3 Responses to “Text”

  1. ABC?

    first thing to do:

    next thing to do:

    crucial thing to do:

  2. Farah Fadilla Says:

    i think i know your ABC, mo. 😀

  3. Ih, Dilla.. Tau aja siiih..

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