Fool me. I can’t make ABC happy.

We went out this evening, just the two of us. But there wasn’t any laughter. It was all plain. ABC was tired at that moment actually. Maybe that’s the reason why.

But I feel something else. It wasn’t just because “tired” reason, I guess. Was it me? The one who makes ABC unhappy.


One Response to “Unhappy”

  1. Farah Fadilla Says:

    tu kaaaan auranya jd negatif (nyambung ke komen gw di postingan sblm ini).

    jgn negative thinking aaah mo.
    ntar auranya tambah2 negatif.
    spt yg kmrn sore gw blg:
    jgn mikir yg jelek2, ntar malah kejadian. mendingan dibawa santai.

    smangatt dong!

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