The Couple

Indonesian movies’ sweethearts are coupled back together on a movie titled “3 Doa 3 Cinta” directed by first timer Nurman Hakim. Yes, it’s Nicholas Saputra and Dian Sastrowardoyo. Both were amazingly “clicked” on 2002’s flick, “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” which made a successful hits on the box office. The magnificent chemistry of Nico and Dian on that movie tickled press to labeled them as Indonesian movies’ sweetheart; the millennium version of (Alm.) Sophan Sophian and Widyawati. After the “AADC?”-era, Nico and Dian haven’t starred on the same movie together.

“3 Doa 3 Cinta” tells a story about three young student on Islamic boarding school (Pesantren). Nico played the role of Huda, the good boy. Huda wanted to start new life outside Pesantren to find his long lost mother. But then he met Dona Satelit (Dian Sastrowardoyo), an amateur dangdut singer who really wanted to be a star in the big city.

Beside “3 Doa 3 Cinta” which will be premiered on Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) this month, Nico and Dian also worked together on a shorts project titled “Drupadi” which will be premiered on 2008 Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest) on December.

“3 Doa 3 Cinta” will be released for public on this year’s Idul Adha, December 18th 2008. Meanwhile, check the trailer.


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