Creative Company: (X)SML

(X)SML is Jakarta-based fashion label. It was created by Biyan Wanaatmadja, or simply known as Biyan; Indonesian top designer. Actually, Biyan has already had his own label named BIYAN, but then he created (X)SML to reach wider market. (X)SML targeted young people unlike BIYAN.

This is Biyan

What so amazing about (X)SML is it rapidly become leading local brand on fashion industry. With unique and edgy design, it’s as fashionable as international brand such as Mango, Zara, Topshop/Topman, and others.

Since 2005 (if I’m not mistaken), Biyan recruits new talents from local design school’s graduates to work as his team on (X)SML each year. It is meant to keep the spirit of youth on the designs of (X)SML. Now the head of creative team is Rama, but the designs are still supervised by Biyan himself.

Now, (X)SML has already spread its wings to Philippines and other South-East Asian countries soon.

For me, (X)SML become my inspiration. I have a plan to create a fashion label just like (X)SML which grows vastly and I hope it can be happened so soon.


4 Responses to “Creative Company: (X)SML”

  1. iyaaa
    ada sepatu yang gue keceng pas kmrn gue ke sency!

  2. hmmmm… ntar gw jg mo bikin ahh.. tp ngomong2, ide gw yg museum plus2 itu, jgn lo plagiatin donk.. kecewa neh gw.. hahaha

  3. i love all biyan collections..both (x)sml and studio 123
    great and so inspiring,,

  4. one word for (X)SML: Fabulous!

    love the clothes so much, as for me, the 19th years old girl,
    wearing the line, make me feel like living in gossip girl series- if u know what i mean-

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