Project “I’m (Not) Afraid”

I was impressed and excited about project named “PostSecret” by Frank Warren. The project, actually mix of art and social campaign because people are asked to send a postcard with their secret written there. The postcard should be decorated.

I thought, this project is great because it combines two important things that everyone should have; creativity and honesty. But unfortunately, PostSecret are only available in America, France, German, Spain, and China. Actually, we can send our secret to the American address or other version address, but I think that will takes a long time before our postcard arrive there and there’s a chance that our secret are not posted on the PostSecret blog. So, I came up with the idea of our own PostSecret, PostSecret Indonesia. I already e-mailed Frank Warren about this idea, but still no reply until now. Okay, then I canceled my idea of PostSecret Indonesia due to the difficultness to get the “license” from Frank and start to think about my own original project.

After hours, then I finally got the original project. I named it “I’m (Not) Afraid”.

I adopted some parts of PostSecret on I’m (Not) Afraid. Here, in my project, people are asked to write their phobia(s). It can be anything; from afraid of dog, afraid of rubberband, to afraid of being lonely or afraid of new relationship. It should be written on decorated postcard just like PostSecret. But beside that, there’s also an addition for the project. I’m (Not) Afraid will distribute fun or silly facts about things that people are commonly afraid of; to let they know things that they afraid of it’s not that frightening.

In PostSecret, the postcard should be airmailed. I made change on my project about that. I will put I’m (Not) Afraid drop box on public areas such as campus, schools, bookstores, and other places. There, I will also put plain postcard so people who come there but don’t know about this project can take the postcard and at their next visit, they can drop the postcard onto the box.

Okay, I guess it will start on January 2009. Don’t be afraid, people!


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