My Life in 2009 – Prologue

I bought an interesting book called “This Diary Will Change Your Life” few weeks ago from Ak’sara. The 2009 version, of course. It’s an weekly agenda/diary with a twist; Benrik -the authors or designers to be exact- provide the readers with weekly tasks that we should do throughout the year.

Then, I decided to do all the weekly task written in the book. At least, I try to do two out of four tasks each month. Actually, the tasks are quite funny and interesting. But, I’m not gonna tell you here!

From January 2009, I’ll post any activities related to the book in individual post titled “My Life in 2009”. So, just wait for my life that will be changed by this diary in 2009!


One Response to “My Life in 2009 – Prologue”

  1. aaah! gue juga liaat dan (hampir) unutk membelinya!

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