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Posted in Personal Life, Random Notes on February 5, 2009 by Primo

Hujan baru saja berhenti.

Jalanan masih basah digenangi air.

Aku berjalan lunglai.

Baru beberapa langkah, aku terjatuh.

Aku menangis.

Bukan karena sakitnya.

Bukan karena malunya.

Tapi karena tak ada seseorang.

Seseorang yang berdiri di sampingku.

Mengulurkan tangannya untuk membantuku kembali berdiri.


My Life in 2009 – Prologue

Posted in Personal Life, Random Notes with tags , , on December 30, 2008 by Primo

I bought an interesting book called “This Diary Will Change Your Life” few weeks ago from Ak’sara. The 2009 version, of course. It’s an weekly agenda/diary with a twist; Benrik -the authors or designers to be exact- provide the readers with weekly tasks that we should do throughout the year.

Then, I decided to do all the weekly task written in the book. At least, I try to do two out of four tasks each month. Actually, the tasks are quite funny and interesting. But, I’m not gonna tell you here!

From January 2009, I’ll post any activities related to the book in individual post titled “My Life in 2009”. So, just wait for my life that will be changed by this diary in 2009!

Miss You

Posted in Personal Life on December 18, 2008 by Primo

Campus, 3.09 AM.

“Dear my ABC. I wish you were here right beside me, support me in this long and tiring nite. Dear my ABC, I miss you so damn much.”


Posted in Personal Life, Random Notes with tags , on December 17, 2008 by Primo

I’m counting down the days. It’s D-5.

Home, family, old friends, my home’s kitchen, treadmill, swimming pool, Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia, FX, Senayan City, cafes, restaurants, lounges, Aksara, DVDs @ Ambassador, Mayestik, tailor, Aquarius, Vineth’s brotchen pretzel, Kemchik’s salads, TransJakarta, traffic jam, Kemang, Airport, etc.

I can’t wait any longer for those things. Jakarta, oh Jakarta! I’m comiiing!


Posted in Creativity & Innovation, Personal Life, Random Notes with tags , , , , , , , on December 8, 2008 by Primo

I just got back from Kineforum @ Taman Ismail Marzuki for 10th Annual Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest). They screened “A View From The SEA” section there, a section for Southeast Asian movies.

I already missed two Jiffest year due to my study in Bandung which made me couldn’t get back to Jakarta just for the festival. But this year, they held the festival on the holiday (It’s Eid-ul Adha break!). Yeay! So, I decided to attend this year’s festival which (unfortunately) only runs for 5 days.

The movie that I just saw is “Punggok Rindukan Bulan (This Longing)”. It’s Malaysian movie directed by Azharr Rudin.

A film about a boy, barely in secondary school, Sidi and his father Adman, who both unknowingly cope with the sudden absence of a key female figure in their life. In probably separate story, a boyish young woman returns to photograph the backdrop of her past. Set in the border town of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The literal meaning of the title is a Malay saying like “the owl misses the moon” a reflection of unrequited (and unconsummated) longing.” (Taken from Jiffest website).

It’s a “tough” movie. Need some times to get the whole point because it has two unparallel plot. IMO, it’s a bit draggy and so slooowww. But overall, it’s quite a nice movie. Nice cameraworks, great actors. Oh, thing that I don’t like from this movie is the sound! They don’t use any scoring or music illustration. But instead, they recorded on-the-set sound which made the movie so quiet but noisy.

The one that surprised me is Sharifah Amani, my favorite Malay actress, took part in this movie. She played character Riza, the girl on the second part of the movie. She acted well, just like in her other works; Sepet, Gubra, etc.

At the end of the screening, the commitee gave us a surprise, another surprise for me. Azharr Rudin, the director, came to the studio and we had some Q&A sessions. He explained that this movie is a mood-piece. So, the inexistence of scoring or music is made to built the “gloomy” mood of missing someone we love the most. Yes, refer to the title, people; “Punggok Rindukan Bulan (This Longing)”. Actually the Q&A session turned into a “critics time”, there was a woman that looked unsatisfied with the movie. She “slapped” Azharr by saying “I’ve waited for 2 hours to see nothing!”. Ouch. But I think that’s the point of film festival, we can share our thoughts of the movie directly to the director/producer so they get feedback from the audiences.

Actually, there’s another movie that I looked forward to watch; Thailand’s “A Moment In June”. But I couldn’t made it because the screening was on Saturday night when I was still on the way to Jakarta. So sad.

I guess tommorow I’m going back to Kineforum to catch “Wonderful Town”. But, have to check on my schedule first; Eid-ul Adha family gath, deadline for assignments, going back to Bandung. Argh!

Dear, God

Posted in Personal Life, Random Notes with tags , , on November 26, 2008 by Primo

Dear God, I wanna ask you something.

“Why do people have feelings?”

Kenapa kita bisa ngerasain bahagia kalau yang datang selalu duka?

Kenapa kita bisa ketawa kalau yang ada selalu tangisan?

Kalau gitu, kenapa nggak sekalian aja manusia nggak usah punya perasaan?

Peduli Setan

Posted in Personal Life, Random Notes on November 4, 2008 by Primo

“Kalo gw nggak suka, ya udah, sampe kapan pun gw nggak bakalan suka. Ya, palingan muka dua aja sih. Di depannya gw baik-baik, di belakang gw benci setengah mati.”

Nah, kira-kira itu yang sedang terjadi. Orang ini sebenernya baru gw kenal, dari first impression-nya gw udah ngerasa dia agak “gimanaaa” gituuu. Tapi ya berhubung masih baru kenal, ya gw biasa aja. Ternyata emang bener sih yang gw rasain, “gimanaaa” gituuu. Makin lama makin ngeselin. Norak pula.

Dan tepat di malam ini, gw memutuskan untuk bodo amat sama orang itu. Nggak peduli deh, mau ngapain kek, bodo amat!